Monday, 15 July 2013

Happy ramadhan

Just wanna say "Happy Fasting" to all moeslim in the world.
Hope this in this Ramadhan Allah will always blessing us. Amen :))

Happy Ramadhan 1434!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


After a long time didn't posting on my tumblr, finally I've updated my account again. Just redesign the appearance and posting some picture on my tumblr, lets check this out guys!! ;) and maybe u can follow mine  I'll follback u. hihi thanks!


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Late Post : Happy Birthday Anis and Nessa!

It will be very late post cause it happened at March 27th 2013. I'm too unmood to post something here hehe. But I think I've got it back ;;) So here we go! 

Here are some of photos that I shot before give surprise to my friends

This is Muslichah and Dilla

Happy sweet seventeen!! :D

dilla and me

but Anisa was absent that day bcause she was made her KTP, and I didn't took nessa's picture. How poor me. So I don't have pictures of both. But I like to give this cake to my friends, thanks to dilla, muslichah and april too. Maybe that's all from me, thankyou for visiting my blog!


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