Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Late Post : Happy Birthday Anis and Nessa!

It will be very late post cause it happened at March 27th 2013. I'm too unmood to post something here hehe. But I think I've got it back ;;) So here we go! 

Here are some of photos that I shot before give surprise to my friends

This is Muslichah and Dilla

Happy sweet seventeen!! :D

dilla and me

but Anisa was absent that day bcause she was made her KTP, and I didn't took nessa's picture. How poor me. So I don't have pictures of both. But I like to give this cake to my friends, thanks to dilla, muslichah and april too. Maybe that's all from me, thankyou for visiting my blog!


memory line


  1. aihh kece nya blognya larasatipaa ;;)nice mbak brooh

    1. thankiss mb muclihaha ;;) blogmu juga ganti tampilan ternyata hihi :D

  2. hehe ndk ok gt2 aja :3 sama2 cantik ;;)